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1 Well groomed garden with a forested area
No other Hotel can provide in Esztergom, you can enjoy all day, if you decidet to stay with
us, it is a quiet, peaceful, clean air where no one will bother you.
2 Free bicycle rental
For our guests we have free bicycle rental. Discover Esztergom on a bicycle.
3 Free WiFi internet access
Free Wireless Internet access if you have your own telephone, computer, tablet etc. or you
can use the hotel’s computer at the reception area without any charge.
4 Bring your Pet!
Róza Hotel is an animal friendly place to stay.
Where you can bring your pets to stay and play with them.
5 Great location
Extreamly easy to find right of the main road.
+1 Free parking
Fanced in parking lot is provided to all the guests
with cars/motorbikes/bicycles that is under camera survailanced 24/7.