Why travel to Esztergom?

Have you ever been to Esztergom? If not, here’s a chance to not only enhance your knowledge from travel guides, but also experience the beauty of our historic city!

The Basilica of Esztergom and the castle are a must-have item for all history enthusiasts.

In addition to the traditional sights, you can take a romantic wine-stroll along the Danube River and across the Maria Valeria Bridge to Štúrovo, Slovakia, within minutes.

Our open-minded, entrepreneurial guests for alternatives can buy tickets to the House of Mysteries and take part in an increasingly fashionable escape game!

Cultural programs in Esztergom

Babits Mihály Memorial House

Have you always loved literature? Do you love anecdotes about the lives of writers and poets? Are you attracted to the old Western café atmosphere? Visit the Babits Mihály Memorial House and discover the life of a famous writer, poet and translator.

Sötét kapu Esztergom

Have you heard of the Sötét kapu of Esztergom? If mysteries attract you, here’s your spot! Lots of legends have spread from this place! What is certain is that its main purpose was to speed up transport. But who could walk and for what purpose in this once so dark place?

 Castle of Esztergom and the Castle Museum

And if you are explaining the secrets of history, the Castle Museum is a must-see spot on our Esztergom walk. Visitors can see the Archbishop’s Palace and the remains of the chapel that serve as the venue for the exhibition.

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Special places in Esztergom

Bridge of Mária-Valéria

The Mária-Valéria Bridge is located between Esztergom and the Slovak Sturovo on the other side of the Danube. Its history began in 1893, when an open tender for the construction of a Danube bridge in Esztergom was announced. Two years later, the bridge named after Ferenc József’s daughter, Maria Valeria, was handed over ceremonially.

In the evening of July 1919, an explosion on the ledge led to a part of the bridge falling into the water. It was not until years later, in 1927, that traffic could restart. II. he survived World War II without serious injury, but unfortunately in 1944 the retreating German troops did not spare. Esztergom’s pride was blown up, and until the 1990s neither Hungary nor Czechoslovakia wanted to restore it. However, in 1993, the prime ministers of both parties applied for support, so a few years later an agreement to rebuild the bridge was signed. As a result, the new Mary-Valeria bridge was opened on October 11, 2001.

Castle of Esztergom

Anyone who has ever been to Esztergom, one of Hungary’s most famous historical cities, must have made a trip, and this is nothing more than the Esztergom castle. If you choose our guesthouse in Esztergom as a place to relax, don’t miss this attraction either!

The castle of Esztergom is worth visiting in many ways. This is the oldest stone building in the country, home to a series of kings of the Árpád House. From Saint Stephen IV. Up to the intestine, many dominant rulers lived here.

The history of the castle can be found in the Castle Museum for lovers of history, but it is also possible to explore the excavated parts of the palace. Restoration is ongoing, and from time to time new sections of the underground can be viewed. From the top of the White Tower, the highest point of the castle, it offers fantastic views and a full panorama of the city below.

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, be sure to visit Esztergom, where there are many sights to see and experience outside of the castle, even on a weekend!


The Basilica on the Castle Hill in Esztergom is the largest church in Hungary. The dome of the cathedral is held by the thickest walls in the country. The main altar is covered with a magnificent silver altar face, and above it is the only canvas-painted image, the largest in the world. The Grigoletti painting, dated 1856, depicts the Assumption of Mary.

Bakócz Chapel is one of the most beautiful monuments of the cathedral, one of the most beautiful Renaissance monuments in Hungary.

The Treasury holds the treasure of Hungarian ecclesiastical art. Visitors can admire stunning chiselled works of art and goldsmiths.

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The fishermen will not miss out!

Esztergom usually reminds us of the Basilica and the Maria-Valerian Bridge, which is not surprising, because tourists and hikers mainly come here for this reason. On the other hand, we have many opportunities for active recreation.

An example of this is fishing, which is a great place for relaxation with family, friends or loved ones.

Fishing enthusiasts will certainly be familiar with the waters around Esztergom, which attract thousands of people each year for a little rest and relaxation.

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